"I’m so appreciative and amazed about the work Mr.Petrus did for me.
He made me feel comfortable during the whole legal process."
"Me aprecian y sorprende el trabajo Sr. Petrus hizo por mí. Me hizo sentir cómodo durante todo el proceso legal."
-L. Williams.
“Thanks a million, Paul. I mean that from the heart.”
“Un millón de Gracias, Pablo. Me refiero a que desde el corazón.”
- D. Aguilar
Charges: Sexual Abuse in the 1st, Forcible Touching, Unlawful Imprisonment
Facing: 2-7 Years in Prison
Result: Dismissed & Sealed.
CARGOS: Abuso Sexual en la primera, forzada reclusión Tocar, ilegal
FRENTE A: 2-7 años de prisión
VEREDICTO: Despedidos y sellado
"I’ve been a private investigator for years, and Paul D. Petrus Jr., Esq. is one of the best criminal defense lawyers I know."
"He trabajado como un investigador privado por muchos años, y Pablo D. Petrus, señor Don. es uno de los mejores abogados criminales de defensa que sé"
-Nelson Lassalle.
Joint Investigation: FBI and Military Investigation Command
Charges: Federal Arms Export Control Act, 22 US Code § 2778 and ITAR Violations
Facing: 10 Years, $1,000,000 Fine
Result: Investigation Dropped, No Formal Charges Filed.
"The minute I saw the Prosecutor’s reaction to Mr. Petrus I knew I was safe."
"El minuto en que lo vi la reacción del fiscal al Sr. Petrus yo sabía que era seguro."
-C. Quinn.
CHARGE: Criminal Possession of a Weapon (Gun) 2ND Offense
FACING: 15 Years
VERDICT: Not Guilty
CARGOS: Robo en el Grado 2nd como un Delincuente Reincidente
FRENTE A: 15 Años a la Vida en Prisión
VEREDICTO: No Culpable
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Criminal Defense Lawyer NYC

At the Law Office of Paul D. Petrus Jr., conveniently located in the Empire State Building, the winning criminal defense attorney is often the one who commands the most facts and works the hardest.

Top Rated Lawyer in White Collar Federal Criminal Defense

If you are looking for a New York criminal defense attorney, Paul D. Petrus Jr. can help you with his extensive experience in a variety of criminal areas. Mr. Petrus works in federal and state courts. So whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor offense or the most complicated Federal crime, rest assured that Mr. Petrus will be as prepared and zealous in representing you as he would for himself.Experience. Hard work. Consistency. A Defense as Strong as an Empire.

Criminal Defense

A NYC criminal defense lawyer is experienced in defending individuals, companies and entities charged with criminal conduct. If you are looking for a New York criminal defense attorney, Paul D. Petrus Jr. can help you with his extensive experience in a variety of criminal areas.

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal crimes are very serious offenses and carry harsh penalties. It is very important to retain a highly competent federal criminal attorney as soon as possible to strongly defend you against the charges imposed.

Computer Crimes

Computer crime is also known as cyber-crime. It refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network. Computer crime is generally performed by hackers. By using computers,


Bail is the amount of money or property that is required to set a person free from jail.
The amount is first set at arraignment. If you or someone you care for is scheduled to appear at an arraignment, contact the Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates, P.C. & Associates before you go.

DWI Lawyer New York

If you are pulled over driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any intoxication that can impair your concentration, it will become a DWI case. DWI is a criminal offense in the state of New York,

Theft Crimes

Theft crimes contain more specific crimes such as burglary, petty theft, embezzlement, fraud, robbery, identity theft and many others. These crimes all have one thing in common: a person that has knowingly, unlawfully stolen another person’s property without their consent.

Criminal and Civil Forfeiture

Forfeiture is the government seizure of property that is connected to illegal activity. Law enforcement claims that it is necessary to deter drug crimes, however, others argue that forfeiture results in too many innocent parties having their property taken away.


In 2009, judges were able to have more discretion in sentencing. Judges have been able to send more offenders to treatment programs, instead of prison, without having to get consent from the prosecutor.

Sex Crimes Defense

It is important that you have an accomplished sex crime attorney in NY on your side in any case that involves a sex crime. Sex crime charges can ruin your reputation, influence your individual connections and harm your employment prospects.
Once you have contacted your family or friends, you should seek out an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can quickly find out as much information as possible concerning the reason for your arrest, and arrange to have you released as soon as possible.
You will be released as soon as bail has been paid and the facility at which you are held confirms that the bail has been posted. An experienced defense attorney will help you to put together the necessary assets to post bail, or to work with an honest and reasonable bail bondsman to post a bond.
This depends on a number of factors, including the effectiveness of your attorney in communicating to the court the reasons why you should be released without having to post any bail or with a low bail.
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